This story began as most stories do with a boy and a girl who fell in love at school…

I met my husband, Steve Culp, at Bridgewater State College (now University) in art class and an instant friendship was born. We had different jobs in the art field through the years, he as a graphic designer and I worked in a print shop. We married a few years after graduation and then our family grew. In 2001, we opened a small copy center business in downtown East Bridgewater where I grew up. We moved to a larger location around the corner in 2003 where Happy Frog Copy Center stands today. We’ve made East Bridgewater our home with our 3 daughters, our cat and rescue dog.

Being the printer and the designer, custom work came naturally and Happy Frog Invitations came about when our customers could not find what they were looking for in albums that we carried. So began the more colorful, pocket style and hand crafted invitations that we provide today. Call me a late bloomer but I realized just what I wanted to do, what I liked to do and what I had a passion for when designing custom invitations.

As the invitation side of our business became not just an occasional order but rather an everyday event, we hired our a full time designer, Jessica, also a BSC graduate, to join our team. Being of like mind, she and I work well together as our creativity grows. We strive to provide you with a happy experience when you order your invitations from us.

You may be wondering, “Why Happy Frog, that’s a funny name?” Ever since I was little, I’ve loved frogs, from catching them in a pond to collecting kitchy frog items. One of my favorite stories is the Frog Prince. Can you imagine finding your prince by kissing a frog? Our logo represents that story in a way, did you notice the crown above our name?

Now that you know a little bit more of our story, come on in for your invitations to tell a little bit of your story.

Toadally yours,
Rose-Marie Culp